Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Historical Docks and Waterways Museum

The Gloucester Historical Docks and Waterways Museum is a fascinating museum located in the historic Gloucester Docks area. The museum is dedicated to the history of Gloucester’s waterways, and features a range of exhibits and interactive displays that bring the city’s maritime past to life.

The museum is housed in a former warehouse building, and features displays on everything from the city’s early waterways and canals to its role as a bustling port during the Industrial Revolution. Visitors can explore the museum’s many exhibits, take a guided tour of the docks area, and even take a boat trip on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.

One of the most interesting aspects of the museum is its collection of historic ships and boats, including the Severn Trow, a traditional cargo vessel that was used to transport goods up and down the River Severn. Visitors can explore the trow and learn about life on board a working cargo vessel.

Overall, the Gloucester Historical Docks and Waterways Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history of Gloucester’s waterways and maritime heritage. It’s a great way to explore the city’s rich history and learn about the important role that Gloucester played in shaping the industrial landscape of the region.

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